Providing comfort on the road

In travel, as in romance, it’s the little things that count.

Beyond the glossy brochures lie mundane travel discomforts. You might be able to coast with bad weather or steep admission prices, but it’s downhill once you add hunger, sleep loss, or misplaced items.

San Francisco’s Humangear comes to the rescue with travel gear bearing cute names like GoTote, GoToob, GoTubb and GoBites. Each one promises to help you civilize your adventures with amenities from home.

Tiny buttons, pills, or earplugs will fit into the .9 cubic-inch small size GoTubb ($7). My personal go-to, these BPA and PC-free containers house rings or earrings, typical items that go missing on trips.

Fill the medium-size tubs ($16), which hold 5.3 cubic inches, with pennies from heaven or vitamins.  You can also store food in the GoTubbs.  Humangear suggests herbs or spices, or maybe bring ketchup on safari with you. I have filled them with almonds and cranberries to tide me over until we find someplace to eat.

Organization nuts (sorry, pun intended) can also label the tubs on an indented area, which resists wearing off.

To retrieve your stuff, just squeeze the soft cover with one hand – there’s no need to screw off the top. That’s a real plus for seniors and boomers with arthritis. The tubs come in three-packs in colors like urban black, pastel orange/red/clear or green/blue and transparent.

GoToobs, similar to the translucent ones already sold at drug stores, allow travelers to carry beauty products, soap, toothpaste or food. If you’ve ever tried to remember what clear liquid is in a carry-on bottle, you’ll appreciate the dial on the collar. You can turn it to “soap,” “shampoo,” “conditioner” or “sun,” to keep track of what’s in the tube.

The tubes , which run from $7 to $19, also come in TSA-approved 1.25-ounce small, two-ounce medium or three-ounce large cylinders.  The medium size has a suction cup. The squeezable silicone tubes fit into snug spots and the hard collar is dishwasher-safe.

Unless you’re on a cruise, you may not know what time you’ll be eating your next meal.  GoTotes let you bring nutritional bars, nuts, apples or whatever tides you over while waiting for the tram, bus, or cab.  The blue medium-sized bag ($32) expands to seven inches wide when open and sits  11.25 inches by eight inches when flat. A strap snaps together for hanging.

Unlike many lunch bags, these durable fabric containers will stand up  when open, making them easy to park on uneven benches or picnic tables.  The interior pockets can hold utensils like the GoBites nesting fork and spoon made from BPA-free nylon.

Use the  ($8) Duo fork and spoon set together to make a handle long enough to scoop out take-out food.The ergonomic fork will tear food in half, so parents don’t need to worry about bringing knives that can into the mouths of babe For more information, visit Some travel GoToobs and GoTubbs sold at REI or Whole Foods.



From left to right: the GoTote, which opens flat for stability, the GoBites spork, GoTubb for smaller items, and GoToob, where you can store shampoo or other liquids.